This time we’ll write the next review about food – foods that make you addicted to return to this city, let see men!!
1. Lontong Medan
Exactly like soto, lontong is also one of the first culinary homeland of Indonesia. The coconut milk sauce is so fat it’s like a soto sauce, however, the filling is different, yeah men.
Lontong actually has spread during the republic, from Sabang to Merauke it may be easily found in this kind of food, it’s just that the Medan¬†Food rice cake could be considered as a treat. It is since the spices and spices which are the recipe for Medan rice cake are very pronounced on the tongue.

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2. Average Batak Arsik Fish
Do you know how to fish? Fish arsik is one sort of traditional food typical of batak. Ordinarily this culinary is served during a traditional ceremony. Cooked using traditional spices like andaliman and kecombrang fruits make the taste of this dish quite tasty and distinctive.
Typically the fish utilized in this dish is goldfish without the scales being removed. However, now the fish utilized are various, like tilapia, gurami and others. At the past, this dish can only be tasted when there are traditional ceremonies, men, now you can taste this typical Batak culinary whenever you want, men.
3. Spicy Malay Porridge
The hot porridge in Medan is a typical Malay hot porridge. During normal days it’s rather tricky to meet the distinctive cuisine of this Coastal tribe. Different throughout the holy month of Ramadhan, you will find this typical culinary in many places.
If you’re in Medan during Ramadan, you can try hot porridge which is served as breaking Id’jil offered by Al Mahsun Great Mosque at Medan. Don’t miss the men, because this phenomenon is quite rare and this food is quite rare in regular months.
4. Rujak Simpang Jodoh
Who doesn’t know rujak Simpang Jodoh, the taste is tasty and distinct from rujak generally. Many rujak sellers who’ve been here for decades. Uniquely, some of them still use the older tradition, which remains using the semprong lamp which is fueled by blossom oil. This is distinctive to this place, in the midst of the times.
What distinguishes rujak Simpang Jodoh with many rujak sold in a variety of regions is the seasonings, the rujak spices are so tasty and really tasty when eaten. A combination of peanuts, brown sugaryoung bananas, red pepper cayenne and water makes the rujak we eat have a wide range of tasty tastes like savory and slightly curd which emerge from young bananas. Hmmm . .intrigued in attempting, just go to the scene, men, men!
5. Teri Medan
what’s the distinction between teri Medan along with other anchovies in Indonesia?¬† There’s no difference, it’s just that the distribution of anchovies is quite a lot and easily found through North Sumatra.