Why Nursery Rhymes are Important?

You might have still remembered the first nursery rhymes you learned as a child. Nursery rhymes are old but are still present today. In a modern time, larger books and colorful illustrations are being presented in nursery rhymes.

I bet you can still recite or sing the songs you learned ever since you have started to talk. It is very significant in developing the child’s ability to read. Why are nursery rhymes and old tales important?

It is important in language development.
In order for children at their early age to learn vocabularies and speak full sentences, have them learn and speak a nursery rhyme. To be able to learn the basic language patterns and structures of the language English, a child should learn a nursery rhyme. When they learn the rhythm of language, they may also develop a sense of poetry. Before the children will be able to understand the meaning of the statement, they will have to repeatedly hear the statement as well. One way of exposing the children to rhythm and to the language and sounds of each word, a child should learn to read or recite the nursery rhyme loudly.

Learning nursery rhyme enhances vocabulary development.

Singing or reading nursery rhymes can be a great help in enhancing the child’s vocabulary. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, for example, has complex words like twinkle and wonder. These are example of words that will be heard by the children which are not usually used on a daily basis. A child’s learning to read can be because their exposure to new words and concepts.

Learning nursery rhymes can enhance cognitive development of children.
Singing nursery rhymes helps to enhance the child’s ability to memorize and recall information. Learning nursery rhymes can help the child enhance his ability to sequence events. A lot of nursery rhymes have a beginning and an ending. It develops the child’s ability to retell the story in a sequential manner. The child may not verbalize the exact words, but at least he or she tells a story in sequence.

If you have a child at home, it would be better if you purchase a book of nursery rhymes that you may teach your child. Nursery rhymes are very colorful and it is very fun if you read it together with your child. You can actually teach your child wherever you are at home or whenever you have time together. You just have to give your child time to practice what you teach.

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