MBSR: Understanding the Facts and Benefits of Mindfulness

What is mindfulness training? Generally, MBSR refers to an intensive and systematic training in mindful healthy yoga and mindfulness meditation. The curriculum of MBSR was originally developed by Mr. Jon Kabat-Zinn which is a core of mindfulness with reflection and expression. The MBSR curriculum of the University of Massachusetts Medical School is specifically designed for guiding participants on the “hows” of learning to practice, apply, and integrate mindfulness everyday. The main objective of MBSR is creating a pathway to reduce suffering and promotes well-being of different people with varying medical conditions, facing and managing problems, stressors, and demands in their daily lives.

MBSR focuses on both the informal and formal practice in familiarizing oneself with mindfulness, recognizing the innate foundation of developing positive health behaviors. MBSR is a clinical approach utilized by the mindfulness practitioner and participants which extends far beyond completing the program. In every mindfulness class, the formal practices include walking meditation, sitting meditation, yoga, and body scan. On the other hand, the informal practices of MBSR include speaking, eating, listening, and general mindfulness of everyday activities. Generally, the topics covered include exploration of the automatic and habitual physical, behavioral, cognitive, and emotional patterns of oneself, stress identification and coping, as well as skillful and effective responses to the demands and challenges of everyday life.

The core of mindfulness evolve in knowing oneself to develop the innate ability to take care of oneself, relate to people, and become an asset to the society. An important aspect of MBSR is increasing awareness of one’s body movements in everyday circumstances, like what formal yoga offers when it comes of emphasizing body alignment and form. When it comes to mindfulness session, the teacher generally teach students different modifications and adaptations to movements or poses, thus meeting various capacities. In a MBSR program, students learn ways to concentrate, become aware of their coping mechanisms, and change ineffective or negative behaviors to something positive and effective. Generally, participants will learn new ways to know themselves, respond to problems and challenges, and become more passionate, loving, kind, and positive towards people and life as a whole.

Learn the art and science of mindfulness and become more positive in life through MBSR. Choose to be happy and positive with MBSR. Do you want to benefit from MBSR? You just made the right decision to attend a MBSR class because you’ll develop self-confidence, inner potentials, passion, and great love for yourself so you can do the same and give back to others. Learn more about MBSR by visiting our homepage or website now.

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